Counseling is working with a patientCoaching is working with a client
Counseling is asking the question WhyCoaching is asking the questions: How, What and What If? Focused on results not the reason Why
Counseling works with a person’s PAST and traumatic events therein, and seeks healing of those eventsCoaching is interested in a person’s PRESENT and works to help them in creating a compelling FUTURE
Counseling diagnoses mental ILLNESSES and attempts to deal with identifiable conditionsCoaching assumes that the client is HEALTHY (not broken) Presupposes that people work perfectly to produce the results they are getting even if the results are not desirable. If a person doesn’t like the results they are getting, coaching provides tools to help them get the results they desire
Counseling is like a Doctor/Patient relationship where the DOCTOR has the solutionCoaching is a partnership of equals where the coach encourages the client to find his/her OWN solutions already on their map (but perhaps unnoticed)
Counseling is about conversing which encourages the patient to TALK about and thereby resolve old pain and symptoms to get rid of them Counseling is about fixing the patient by fixing the PASTCoaching helps the client to discover the PROCESS which s/he prevents the achievement of goals and objects and learn new ways of thinking
Counseling relies on studies and manuals to DIAGNOSE pathologyCoaching is about understanding the past as a framework for the present and creating the FUTURE. Coaching is a model of LEARNING and potentiality which focuses on the future and its achievable goals and outcomes
In counseling a Therapist WON’T TALK about him/herselfIn coaching when appropriate the coach SHARES her experience which is vital to learning
In counseling progress is often SLOWIn coaching changes are FAST and FUN
In counseling a Therapist diagnoses and then PRESCRIBES a path to healingIn coaching coach aligns mentally with the client and they CO CREATE the solution. The client is responsible for the outcomes and always has control over his/her results